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Read about how cocojune came to be and what we stand for!

Our Team

We are a small team of fermentation nerds, food lovers and nature enthusiasts. We’re friend-owned and operated (and still friends). Our backgrounds range from food manufacturing to design – with stints in finance, tech and biodynamic farming. Two of us are Danes.

What makes us really excited is creating something that brings happiness and well-being. To create something that people intuitively enjoy, that feels good and does good. We believe that food is an amazing medium for inspiring joy, connection and environmental change.

Organic agriculture

We’re idealistic about organic agriculture. To us, it is without a single scoop of doubt, the most responsible and earth-friendly way to grow our food. In short, organic agriculture is about working with nature instead of fighting it. Its underlying principles ensure higher bio-diversity, cleaner water, and healthier plants – ultimately healthier food and people! It’s our guarantee that cocojune is 100% free from GMOs and toxic pesticides.


Our sustainability journey started with our commitment to organic farming and now it continues with our upgraded paper-based cup and our net-zero plastic footprint. As a team, we’re excited to team up with rePurpose Global in order to become the first certified plastic neutral yogurt company in the U.S.! We want to do our part and continuously work on bettering our packaging and process so that we can have as little an impact on the planet as possible! While our cups can’t be recycled just yet and have to be disposed of in the trash, we’re actively working with our cup supplier to create a compostable option. We hope you’ll follow along and join us on our sustainability journey!