Have a look at these flavors
and get to know all our junes!

Dairy-free Yogurt

Deeelish organic coconut yogurt made from ingredients grown in harmony with nature. Our creamy coconuts are cultured slowly with some of the world’s most researched probiotic strains giving them a mild tang and lots of probiotic fire-power!

Overnight Oats

First Harry met Sally, then PB met J, now finally cocojune vegan yogurt meets organic steel cut oats. A dreamily delicious fiber-filled and probiotic-packed sitch for morning, noon and night. No cooking is required with these cuties, store them in the fridge and enjoy cold!

Kids Pouches

Imagine the same dreamily delicious, organic, probiotic, and plant-based yogurt you know and love (without any added sugar). Plus these pouches have DHA Omega 3 to support brain health along with real fruit and veggies! It’s all wrapped up in a paper + poly pouch that’s certified plastic neutral 🙂


June’s taking a dipppp! This thick and creamy savory cousin to our yogurt is a dreamy organic topper on toast, salads, chips, veggies, and beyond! These plant-based gals come in 3 deeelish flavors, Original, Lemon Dill, and Red Pepper. Which will you dip first?