Mixed berry is always a crowd-pleaser! She’s got organic ingredients for days PLUS she’s packed with antioxidants from blueberries and black currants. Not to mention she’s got the science-backed probiotics we all know and loveee. What more could you possibly want?! She’s your new go-to girlie 😉

Nutrition Facts


organic coconuts, spring water, organic blueberries, organic black currant, organic agave, organic cassava root, vegan probiotic cultures

Live cultures

Bifidobacterium anim. s. lactis BB-12, Lactobacillus acidophilus LA-5, Lactobacillus paracasei CRL 431, Lactobacillus delbrueckii s. bulgaricus, Streptococcus thermophilus

Nutritional facts

Serving Size 4oz
Calories per Serving: 180

Total Fat 15g
Sat Fat 13g
Trans Fat 0g
Cholest 0mg

Sodium 10mg
Total Carb 11g
Fibers 2g
Sugars 7g
Incl. 4g added sugars

Protein 1g
Calcium 2%
Iron 6%
Potas 0%


Vanilla Chamomile

Lemon Elderflower

Pure Coconut