cocojune x Loisa Organic Annatto Seed Oil Labneh Dip

November 22, 2023
cocojune x Loisa Organic Annatto Seed Oil Labneh Dip

We’ve dreamed up a deeeelish organic dip recipe with Loisa’s new annatto seeds! It’s only got THREE ingredients…AKA it’s quick, easy, and a total stunner for holiday hosting 😎 Bring this to your next holiday function and we bet you’ll be the fan fave!



1. Heat a neutral oil and Loisa Organic Annatto Seeds over medium heat.
2. Wait until bubbles begin to appear around the seeds. Then, turn the heat off and let the seeds sit in the oil for 2-3 minutes.
3. Remove the Annatto seeds and top your original labneh with this beautiful flavored oil.
4. Arrange your veggies and dippers of choice and start to dig into this easy holiday Annatto Seed Oil Dip!


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